Hanging Instructions

While our materials have been chosen to keep your chimes looking nice for many years, they will maintain their look the longest if hung in a shaded or sheltered location.

Your chimes are heavy and need to be hung from a secure point.   They also need to be located away from objects that could be damaged during strong winds and your swinging chimes.

During periods of heavy weather, your chimes should be taken down for safety reasons.

These chimes can be rendered almost inactive by removing the sail or by sliding the clapper up and over the suspension ring.

(Hanging Hint:  Consider keeping your chimes wrapped until hung in their final location.  This will minimize dings to the tubes and save your hearing as the chimes will sound VERY loud when they are right by your ears!)

Enjoy your Chimes.   Don’t hurt your tree

Hanging your chimes in your favorite tree can be an excellent option. However, please be kind to your trees.

We recommend using large screw-in hooks instead of wrapping anything around a limb which can result in localized scarring over time.

Just keep in mind that the tree will eventually grow and “swallow” the hook into the bark making removal of your chimes very difficult.   Adequate spacing (1” minimum) between the hook end and the bark will minimize this problem.