What is a wind chime “Sail”?

In wind chime lingo, it is the part of the chime that “catches” and harnesses the wind, which moves the “clapper”, which strikes the tubes. Sails can be made from a variety material and in a many shapes. Unfortunately, most manufacturers chose to design theirs for cosmetics over function.

For good action in most “garden” breezes (1-6 mph), a sail should be relatively light and properly sized in relation for the clapper it has to move. If it is too small or heavy, it cannot extract enough energy out of the breeze to move the clapper except in heavy breezes. If the sail is too large, moderate breezes will make the chimes too active which is usually not very pleasant for long periods.

Our sails are carefully crafted with both function and aesthetics in mind. Their weight and size work nicely with their respective clappers in most situations and the optional laser-cut designs have minimal effect on the overall chime action.

Our sails can be customs sized for difficult placements where the standard sizes give too much or too little action to your chimes. We can also custom cut personal or corporate logos or add your custom engraving for a nominal fee. Please call or email us to discuss your needs.