About Us

My wife and I have always enjoyed quality wind chimes and the gentle music they provide.  There is just something magical about an unseen force tickling a properly tuned instrument.  And that’s what a good wind chime is.  It is an instrument designed to be played by the wind.

Now the word “Quality” tends to be overused these days, but to our ear, a quality wind chime is precisely tuned and heartily constructed to provide many years of soothing music.  Not the “big box store” or seasonal store type chimes that need to be replaced every few years.

After hanging lower quality chimes in our yard over the years, we decided to do some research and make a set that had the sound  and quality we wanted.   As our understanding of the finer points of wind chimes design and construction progressed, we made a few sets for family and friends and things rapidly grew from there.

And that’s how this little circus we call “Chimes from the Heart” got started.

My Lovely (for 31+ years) and I make each cut, tune each chime and tie each knot.   As such, this will never be a high production operation.  But then, that’s not our goal.

Our goal is to make premier wind chimes using superior materials that are precision tuned and designed for many years of soothing music.

That said, our ultimate goal is for you to be as proud of your chimes as we were to make them for you.

After all, they were made for our friends.

Take care!