Patio and Garden Chimes


These are the wind chimes we started making for our family and friends.  At almost 53 inches in total length (ie. roughly shoulder height for most ladies) and just under 9 lbs, they make an excellent visual and acoustical presence in most patios, gardens and backyards.  Their tone is bright, but not so much as to be annoying over long periods.

Quality materials are used throughout to ensure the many years of service that we expect from our personal chimes.  Precision tuning and craftsmanship gives them a sound like few others.

When ordering, please remember to choose your sail design. (Just click "Wind Chimes" then "Sails" in the Main Menu above to view your options and then select one below)

Custom sail designs with company logos, personalized engraving, etc are available for an additional cost.  Custom tuning is also available at no additional cost.  We will be happy to work with your ideas and arrive at a design that we both will be proud of.  Please contact us to discuss!

Price includes taxes and delivery to your door within the Continental USA.   No surprise charges.

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Price: $230.00

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