Sarah’s Chimes

When we were contacting small shops to handle our engraving needs, we came across Sarah and her family shop.  During one of our visits, she mentioned that her Mom had passed recently and she wanted a set of chimes to remember her by.  We told her that we would be happy to make a set for her and her family.   Some months later when we brought in our first box of clappers to be engraved, she told us the sad news that her Dad had just passed and she would now need two sets of chimes for her back patio.  That got us to thinking...

We wanted two sets of chimes that were unique "individuals" in their own right, but would also compliment each other when heard together.  Like a good marriage?

Our solution was to split a set of our regular chimes and re-design the rings and clappers for two sets of chimes with three tubes each.   The resulting chimes are slightly smaller than our "Patio and Garden" chimes but each with its own unique sound.  Together, they "complete" each other and sound like a full set.

Yep.  Like a good marriage.  :)

Please specify which stock sail designs you prefer when placing your order (one for each set and they can be mixed-and-matched).  Custom designs or engraving can be specified for an additional cost.  Please call to discuss.

Price includes taxes and delivery of both sets of chimes to your door within the Contential USA.   No surprise charges.

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Price: $280.00

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