Why Wind Chimes?

For centuries, man has made wind chimes out of whatever was available to ward off un-desirable spirits, coax out the good ones and generally make their little place on earth more livable and comfortable.

Guess we haven’t changed that much…

Modern chimes are made from everything imaginable in all forms and fashions.  By carefully selecting the proper notes and tone, the right chimes can magically evoke emotions that soothe the soul and bring moments of peace in our life.

A scientist or engineer can analyze a set of notes and discuss resonance, frequency, interference and such.  However, the musician knows that those technical details mean little if their combination does not evoke emotions.   And touching our emotions are what separates “regular” chimes from “excellent” ones.

We believe ours are excellent chimes.

Why Should You Consider Our Wind Chimes?

Simply put, we have engineered your chimes from the best materials and taken great care in the note selection, tuning, and final assembly.

  • Our chime tubes are made to our specifications from an aircraft-quality aluminum alloy for the best tone and resonance. They are then acid dipped and properly powdered coated for a long lasting appearance.
  • Our rings are made of quality stainless steel that are far superior to lesser cost chrome plated rings that will eventually flake and corrode.  They are then powder coated to be visually less obtrusive.
  • All cordage is 100% polyester w/ UV inhibitors which is the best available for continuous outdoor exposure and substantially stronger than needed for many years of outdoor service.
  • Our clappers (or strikers) are lathe turned in our shop from marine grade materials designed for continuous outdoor service.  They are heavy for good hits with soft tones and will never dry out, rot, crack or peel as wood or lesser materials will.
  • Our cutting and tuning process is exacting (and slow) but the heart of the operation.  We take great pride that it is done properly.
  • We only use USA made materials and are committed to working with small, local businesses whenever possible.

Wind chimes are instruments played by the wind.  They can evoke happiness, calm our spirits, and for moments transport us to far off places.  Wind chimes can remind us of loved ones, allow our minds wander, or simply add beauty to a momentary experience.  The right chimes will provide a uniquely personal experience that will always add a smile to your day.

And that is why we make wind chimes.  :)

-Mel and Steve-

March, 2012